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Solved How to make bluetooth smooth on Linux?

All of the devices like windows/ android when my headphones/ Bluetooth keyboard go to sleep after being inactive for some time, they don't reconnect automatically. Even If I go manually in the bluetooth settings, It doesn't work sometimes I need to forget the device, and re-scan and reconnect.
While on windows/ android/ mac it just reconnects as soon as I type some key on my keyboard.

Question How to specify which session in tigervnc on Arch?

I installed tigervnc using
sudo pacman -S tigervnc

I did set password using

Here are my configs in $HOME/.vnc

breadpitt% cat ~/.vnc/config

breadpitt% cat ~/.vnc/xstartup
exec env GNOME_SHELL_SESSION_MODE=classic gnome-session

I have no idea why running vncserver :1 opens an awesome wm session instead of cinnamon or gnome specified in those configs.

Looking For Best Mouse For Valorant?

If you are looking for the best mouse for valorant, I may help you with it. I am gonna include some mice because only one can't best. Some of the mice are better by their build quality, Also some of chosen by some pro gamers, Also some by people of different sizes of hands.

So here are some of the best mice that work great for you & valorant.

DX9.0c not supported on Windown 10?

Does anyone know if it's possible to have Forza Horizon 3 show up in the Volume Mixer within Windows? I usually like to balance audio output from programs but unfortunately every time I want to change the volume I have to dig through the settings and flip back and forth between the game and what I'm listening to in order to have it work the way I want...