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    [Closed] Zotac GTX750Ti 2GB Giveaway

    The gleam app literally says: "Refer your friends to get more entries and increase your chances for winning this giveaway." - a complete lie.
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    [Closed] Zotac GTX750Ti 2GB Giveaway

    Yeah I can't help but feel a bit cheated by this - it should have clearly stated on the Gleam app that the most active forum member would win. It did not, rendering the Gleam app little more than a underhanded way of fishing subs out of unwitting users. Not a very honest way to run a giveaway at...
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    Laptop battery, Suspect refurbished.

    I'd return it for sure, but it may help your case if you use some 'legitimate' software (I'm not saying the program you've written isn't up to the task, but it gives the supplier less ability to argue with you!) to get a read of the Watt-hours etc to bolster your case. If a mainstream battery...
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    SSD or increasing RAM, which is better?

    If you've got 8GB of RAM definitely go for the SSD. It's like having a new PC when you put it in, so much faster. If you've got 4GB or less though I'd go for the RAM first.
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    #Pancake - $600 Ryzen 5 build.

    That's part the reason I went down the PC route in the end. Yes it cost more initially, but I produce music, edit video, create 2D and 3D animations with my PC as well as game, so it's well worth it. I do need to upgrade my GPU though, it's a bit of a bottleneck in my system.
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    Email Service Tied in With Webhosting Package

    I use the web hosts email system for staff/colleague email addresses, but for things like email marketing I use something like mailchimp - they tend to have good email database management, good deliverability, and usually to help ensure you aren't breaking the law!
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    #Pancake - $600 Ryzen 5 build.

    Yes! I've long since given up on consoles. Even my old 1GB GPU is easily a match for a lot of the current gen of consoles.
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    My future budget build: Here are the specs!

    Excellent idea, those new Ryzen CPUs have a lot of processing power for the price. I'm on an old i7-2700k (still quite a good CPU really), but I think my next build will probably have a Ryzen in there, they're just so much cheaper.
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    19 inch dual monitor setup or Utra wide ?

    I'd say it depends what you're planning on doing. Gaming with 2 monitors is nigh impossible in my experience - you really need 3 for it to work properly, or else your main point of interest is sort of 'between' the two monitors. Try shooting a guy when you have to place him off the edge of both...