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    How to get girls?

    one way though.
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    How to get girls?

    Every suggestions are appreciated. Please maintain the decorum and don't judge anyone.🙏
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    Unable to overclock PEGATRON IPM43-D3

    Q9550 is overclockable
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    Unable to overclock PEGATRON IPM43-D3

    I have Pegratron ipm41-d3 with intel q9550 processor. By default it's been clocked to 2.83 GHz. I want to overclock it to a extent, but i am unable to do so. Any kind of help is appreciated.
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    Solved C++ Program to find the sum of digits of an integer number

    As the above problem is solved, but i still mark some point why it doesn't work. It is because you have used /n which means new line but it isn't a keyword. /n is used in comments when for new line. Instead you can use endl which is a keyword and it means end of line. Or you can use "/n" which...
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    Cheapest solutions for pc. Is it possible ?

    I am regular guy, from a regular below middle class family. I suppose that i am truly devoted to learning unknown (for me) programming languages and their implementation. But i have a lot of limitations like no proper pc (more likely to comma patient computer, in short no use) , no money for...
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    how to record the PubG in game internal sounds

    As it is disabled by Google is there any bypass for it ?
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    Does cpu matters when installing os?

    Yes its should support 64 bit instructions.
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    Best antivirus for windows 10

    Brother nothing is called best the thing is it depends for what u need anti virus like internet security or home or total. If u ask about total i will sufgest quick heal is top most leading brand.