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    N.O.V.A Legacy has high graphics in just 20mb!

    The missions are smaller and easier, overall the gameplay isn't so smooth!
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    #Pancake - $600 Ryzen 5 build.

    With this configuration, we can game and also do rendering works.
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    What happened to Crysis game series? Crysis 4 Launch?

    Basically they finished off the story and want to work on something else. The AAA shooter market is extremely crowded and hard to compete in. If they stumble at all then they would be out ~100 million and be done as a company.They have mentioned a few times that they might be moving to a F2P model.
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    What happened to Crysis game series? Crysis 4 Launch?

    They didn't find it profitable, the Battlefield series was more popular and Crytek focused on games like FarCry.
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    My future budget build: Here are the specs!

    Great idea. Ryzen is cost effective
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    Productivity Someone's Clean White and Black Setup

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    Mavic Pro launched! Why is DJI bringing new products soon?

    But DJI Spark isn't good like they advertise.
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    Cheapest Android Phone with the best Camera?

    Xiaomi Redmi 4 has a good camera. It can also give nice bokeh effect.
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    SSD or increasing RAM, which is better?

    :sweat::sweat: Then get a new mobo
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    What if you dont have a grounded outlet?

    If you use metal bodied appliance on a non-grounded outlet you are most likely to get shocked if there are loose wires inside the appliance.
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    How to get bass out of my Sennheiser HD180?

    It all depends on the amplifier. To experience the full potential of the headphones you should use it with a device that can power it well.
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    Why is that some members get that red shiny username?

    How can I become a premium member?
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    Can I use a 2400MHz RAM in a 2133MHz motherboard

    Yes that's possible, the motherboard will work at its maximum. In some mobos you can overclock that!
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    What does AMD offer to with Naples server cpu

    Now AMD is on stage! and seems proimisng too. Even tho intel isn't cuting down the prices and they launched even expensive models. They maybe a bit inovative but they don't understand the trend. More performance at lower price
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    How to know if a Power Supply(SMPS) is failing?

    Usually, it doesn't turn on!