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  1. jmjxperia

    Solved Windows Search Not Popping Up/Working upon clicking Search icon

    After the recent windows 10 update,I was facing an issue with Windows Search. The issue is that the Search window won't open when I click on the Search icon available on the Windows taskbar. Even search in File explorer was not working. I followed the below troubleshooting steps, still, it...
  2. jmjxperia

    Question Any chances of AliExpress getting banned in India anytime soon?

    Month by month ,Indian govt is banning Chinese apps . AliExpress is the only place where we can buy products at reasonable and cheap price or for bulk ordering.Many sellers as well as users like me are dependent on it.
  3. jmjxperia

    How to get Dolby Audio from Amazon Prime Video app on Windows PC?

    Does Amazon prime support Dolby audio?
  4. jmjxperia

    Android on Raspberry Pi

  5. jmjxperia

    Keyboard for Laptop usage

    I have found few keyboards with function key.If I disable laptop keyboard ,can I still use the function key to perform tasks that laptop keyboard can? External keyboard has different mappings unlike the laptop's keyboard.Is it possible to map like the prebuilt one?
  6. jmjxperia

    Question Can i use power button on my laptop when using an external keyboard?

    My laptop is acting strangely by typing certain keys on their own.I decided to buy an external keyboard and use instead.If I disable laptop keyboard ,will I be able to use Power button .Nowadays laptop manufacturers integrate power button along with keyboard,not as dedicated button.So let me...
  7. jmjxperia

    Question Which is the best food delivery software?

    I miss Uber eats
  8. jmjxperia

    Oneplus Nord ?

    Realme X3 for the flagship SoC
  9. jmjxperia

    How to get girls?

    Spam follow requests to all the girls you know.If anyone accepts, start chatting.Might help.
  10. jmjxperia

    GameSir F3 Plus Mobile Gamepad Review

    Two Finger Claw/Thumb, Four Finger Claw, Five Finger Claw controls... Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Yes, I m talking about the methods that are used by mobile players to win battle royale games such as PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite mobile). Some gamers find it...
  11. jmjxperia

    Which is The Best Dolby Atmos / DTS-X Movie That You Love?

    I m having Dolby 5.1 system so it can differ but Atmos has immersive experience as per Dolby.I haven't felt any difference between 7.1 and Atmos in theatres.Anyway, lets get back to the topic.Here is the list I experienced best in Dolby 1.Mad Max Fury 2.John Wick trilogy 3.Guardians of the...
  12. jmjxperia

    Good Headphones

    What currency?
  13. jmjxperia

    Question Do you still use an Antivirus? Which is the best Security Software?

    i don't trust Windows Defender either