1. Gokul raj

    Solved Windows 10 Task manager showing different RAM speed

    I'm using an Adata XPG 3000Mhz ram and the clock speed shown in the BIOS was 2666Mhz and windows task manager is showing only 1333Mhz. I tried CPUZ and it also showed the same speed from the task manager. I only a single stick of 8GB ram. Everything was perfect before when I assembled the PC...
  2. Joe86

    Adata NH03 2Tb stopped showing up

    Hi, everybody and thanks in advance! So this happened to me recently, I turned on my pc and I wanted to go through my files and delete the useless stuff, but my external hard drive didn't show up. I tried restarting my pc, check the cable connections, turn on/off... without success. The only...