1. barackobama

    Question Why can android/ ios devices handle more chrome tabs than laptops?

    I've asked this multiple times, but thought it would be nice to keep a record here.
  2. pr0ph3t

    Would you consider buying a OnePlus device?

    Now that everything has changed with OnePlus, with the recent merge of OxygenOS with ColorOS, would you still buy a one plus phone? Let me know why
  3. Abhiram Shibu

    TWRP: OrangeFox: Data partition cannot mount as well as cannot be formatted.

    If you have experienced something like: This might be due to stock rom encryption which does not play well with dm-verity in TWRP and orangefox. If you want to fix this situation, 1. Connect the phone to PC 2. Boot phone to fastboot 3. Open Terminal/CMD with fastboot binary in path. 4. Type...
  4. Im_awsm

    Question Why shouldn't we buy Nokia phones in 2021?

    This is 2021 and are there anyone who is willing to buy Nokia
  5. Abhiram Shibu

    Compiling teleconsole for termux.

    What is teleconsole? Teleconsole is a shell remote control program made by gravitational. Its client is totally open source and pretty functional. This will be a guide on how to compile it from scratch for termux. Requirements. 1) Internet connection with (300-400MB of data) 2) Phone with...
  6. Akashch47

    How good is Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus for android?

    I thinking if there is a need to get a good antivirus for my Galaxy S8+ in the first place. Then I wanted to know some good options, I have been using Bitdefender on my PC for some years now and it has served me well enough. So how is Bitdefender for android?
  7. Jacksparow

    Bluestacks engine not staring

    Bluestacks could not start the engine on my laptop. my system has the minimum requirements for running bluestacks. I tried the common ways to fix this error but not working. I changed from opengl to directxmode and cpu virtualisation is on but still this error is there. When running bluestacks...
  8. snehasneha1

    What is KickApp Application?

    What is KickApp
  9. Abhiram Shibu


    POWERED BY MoKee OpenSource is based on the AOSP. We update our source code frequently to keep up with the latest development, and not forgetting to merge in special features of our own at the same time. A small group of people from around the world who are interested in Android launched this...
  10. pr0ph3t

    N.O.V.A Legacy has high graphics in just 20mb!

    Wow, guys I just tried the Nova legacy game from Google Playstore, the screenshot attracted me but then i noticed that the game is just 20mb only and has high graphics, and good gameplay! How was your experience? Reply below. :)
  11. pr0ph3t

    I found my Google Chrome app Easter Egg!

    After MKBHD tweeted about the easter egg he found on Google Chrome app for Android it soon went viral. And now i tried it myself. The thing is the if you open 100 tabs in Chrome then it wont be counted like 101,102 etc.. instead Chrome will show a smile :) on regular tabs and after 100 incognito...
  12. pr0ph3t

    What will be Android O called? O stands for?

    What does the O represent ? Google always goes for some food names. So does O stand for omelet?:joy: Oreo?..:p Oats? :poop:
  13. littlewit

    Wifi disconnecting frequently in Android

    My phone is disconnecting my wifi and reconnecting frequently but won't connect. I'll need to manually turn wifi off and on to connect again. My PC is working fine, this only happens with my phone. Please help.
  14. Abhiram Shibu

    How to mount ISO as cd drive to you PC with Android.

    THIS GUIDE WILL ALLOW YOU TO MOUNT ISO WITHOUT ROOT, BUT ROOTED IS BETTER STEPS Download Drive Droid. Download an ISO file to begin with. Open Drive Droid APP. Click on wizard, it will guide you to setup the entire app. Be frank and answer wisely.. I recommend using Kernel Legacy.. If it does...
  15. nibaji

    [Kernel] [land] Gearbox [2nd Gear] [STABLE] [Nethunter] [Loadshifter] [Kcal]

    Features: CPU Governors +Interactive+(default) +Ondemand+ +Conservative+ +Performance+ +Powersave+ +Darkness+ +Intel+ +Lionfish+ +Blu-active+ +Impulse+ +Despair+ +ElementalX+ Other CPU features +CPU Boost+ Hotplug +AutoSMP+ Advanced TCP Controls +Bic+ +Cubic+ +DCTCP+ +Westwood+(default) +...
  16. pr0ph3t

    Rooting your Android device: How To.

    Rooting your device gives you super permissions and abilities to mod your Android. Rooting also has its own risks and warranty may void if rooted. How to root any Android device using Kingroot. Download the app from this page, and install the tool on your Android device. Install the program...