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  1. Hank

    Solved What is Gay Gun in CSGO? and why people hate gay gun?

    Recently i have noticed that opponent team players are saying not to use a gay gun while in the match. Which gun is Counter-Strike Global Offensive is called a gay gun? And why do people hate it so much? I have seen some real aggression towards it!
  2. pr0ph3t

    CSGO looking for friends and clans

    Im looking to join clans in CSGO and make some friends and hopefully have a good team. Reply if you are in!
  3. pr0ph3t

    How to Play Counter Strike Global Offensive offline with Friends on WiFi?

    Ok so I have a CS GO installed on my PC and I want to play it with my friends on their laptops on WiFi without any use of internet. How to do this?
  4. pr0ph3t

    Counter Strike has a funny logic!

    In all CS versions, in the map named de_vertigo, if you drop the bomb outside the building then all your fellow terrorist bot jump outside to get the bomb back! Watch this video :D
  5. pr0ph3t

    Counter Strike 1.6 Modern Skin Pack 2017 : CompactMOD-2K17

    Hello Counter Strike 1.6 Fans, Today I'm gonna share a pack of skins for your Counter Strike 1.6, :party: this pack consists of a map, Battlefield 3 weapon skins, some CS:GO weapons and player skins. These skins are not created by me, this is just a pack of skins that I use. Since some of my...
  6. pr0ph3t

    Can i create Counter Strike server using JioFi Modem?

    I tried creating a server but my friends can't connect to it, I don't know what's the issue. I checked many Youtube videos and followed the instructions but still, it's same. Now I think it's a port forwarding issue with JIO. Does anyone have a solution?
  7. pr0ph3t

    CS GO Skin pack for Counter Strike 1.6

    Hey CS lovers, im looking for the CS GO skin pack for my CS 1.6. Link me if there is any.
  8. littlewit

    Where can i get Counter Strike 1.6 Cracked!

    I know it's not good to promote pirated software but I don't wanna spend money on old games. I wanna have a LAN party with my friends that's all. Please give me links to download it.
  9. Gokul raj

    Any Battlefield Skins for Counter Strike 1.6?

    I play Counter Strike online and im bored with the old skins. I like Battlefield skins is there any? Battlefield 3 or above skins prefered. :)