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  1. pr0ph3t

    What's the best gaming headset to buy under Rs. 6000

    Im looking to buy an all purpose headset, i want the following things. Excellent mic quality (for work from home) , good noise cancellation, good for music (should be a bit bass heavy) and comfortable for long time use. Please suggest a good pair
  2. pr0ph3t

    How to change game difficulty in Battlefield 3 after starting a campaign?

    Yeah, I know this is game old and yall must be wondering why I'm playing it right now. I felt nostalgic about the old games I played so I installed it and started playing in easy mode but it was too easy for me so I wanna change the difficulty but not play from the beginning again... so how to...
  3. pr0ph3t

    Crysis remastered trilogy announced! So can we expect crysis 4 soon??

    What do you guys think about this? I think that Crytek is probably experimenting their new tech and stuff with these remastered games. And they will make an Epic graphically demanding Crysis 4 soon.
  4. pr0ph3t

    What's your favorite game of the decade (2010 - 2020)

    Let us have a gamer convo, list your top favorite game of the last decade from 2010 to 2020. Let's see what are most love games by the tux community.
  5. XypniX

    the application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect

    I just installed Crysis 2 (cracked copy) and when i launched it i got this error "the application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect...." How to fix this?
  6. P

    Question 100% cpu usage when playing fortnite

    i have: cpu: i5 6400 ram: 8 gb ddr4 gpu: zotac 1050ti dual fan only when i play fortnite the cpu usage go to 100% istantly, can someone help me pls
  7. Jacksparow

    Bluestacks engine not staring

    Bluestacks could not start the engine on my laptop. my system has the minimum requirements for running bluestacks. I tried the common ways to fix this error but not working. I changed from opengl to directxmode and cpu virtualisation is on but still this error is there. When running bluestacks...
  8. hitmanlol

    Question Reviews about my new pc

    I just bought i7 3770 3.9ghz with intel motherboard, 600 watts psu, gtx 970 msi, and 16 gb ram. Did I make the right decision for my multiplayer gaming like PUBG, COD, Siege and Apex? or will this hardware be outdated soon?
  9. hitmanlol

    Anyone interested in playing PUBG Mobile with me?

    Hi! I am new here. In fact, this is my first activity here :D & I am already talking about PUBG. :D Well, any PUBG enthusiast here?
  10. trikolad

    2950x vs 9900K vs 7820x vs for video editing 4k ?

    9900k is the fastest but supports only 64gb ram, 2950x is the strongest in the still quite reasonable price range, but the editing software world is not programmed well enough to utilize its power. 7820x is a little slower and older than 9900k but supports 128gb ram and more lanes. I do mostly...
  11. R

    Can't run games smoothly despite having high FPS and a decent rig.

    First of all I would like to thank you for reading this thread! I have been struggling with a problem ever since I have built this new PC and I have no idea how to fix it even though I've tried lots of things. The problem is that in any game that I play despite having large amounts of FPS...
  12. SimonJI1

    Which noise canceling headset with a decent mic should i get?

    I usually use my computer for 8+ hours on the weekends and I really need a comfortable headset with a decent mic. I want to be able to hear footsteps in games like CS:GO and I want to watch movies with them too. It would be nice to have a detachable cable but I'm ok without that.
  13. jtkyber

    Getting Bad Stuttering in New PC Build

    Hello. So ever since I built my pc a few days ago, I have noticed stuttering in most of the games I tried (1% and 0.1% low framerates are very low but average framerates are very high). What could be causing this and how do I get rid of it? I have well above 60 fps in all games and v-sync off. I...