1. dylanguy1089

    Need help finding a part for my Desktop PC (USB 3.0 Issue)

    I have recently come into trouble with my desktop PC, the USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and microphone slot on the top of my Cooler Master COSMOS SE case next to the power button have stopped working. I have identified the cable and disconnected it from my motherboard to not cause any further problems. I...
  2. T

    Technical Support

    How can I find technical support for Mcafee Antivirus
  3. jtkyber

    Getting Bad Stuttering in New PC Build

    Hello. So ever since I built my pc a few days ago, I have noticed stuttering in most of the games I tried (1% and 0.1% low framerates are very low but average framerates are very high). What could be causing this and how do I get rid of it? I have well above 60 fps in all games and v-sync off. I...