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  1. Rushi Chaudhari

    Question Is there a way to split files over multiple cores ?

    I have a large folder (3000GB on an enterprise server). I need to zip those and make parts of 100GB each. I did look into these articles :- https://www.peterdavehello.org/2015/02/use-multi-threads-to-compress-files-when-taring-something/...
  2. barackobama

    Question Why can android/ ios devices handle more chrome tabs than laptops?

    I've asked this multiple times, but thought it would be nice to keep a record here.
  3. barackobama

    Question Is there some way to use custom speech models for TTS?

    I came across this text to speech module pyttsx3. I'm thinking this will be a good usecase for linux where TTS is not supported. Like I could load it through a browser extension or a pdf reader and parse text via it.
  4. barackobama

    What are your favorite TUI/ CLI linux apps in each category ?

  5. O

    Difference between Linux Mint Fedora and Ubuntu.

    Fedora and Mint differ from Ubuntu in that they are both community-based projects, while Ubuntu is developed by a company (Canonical). Ubuntu and Mint differ from Fedora in that they are Debian-based: their package manager is APT and their packages follow the DEB (Debian) package format. Fedora...
  6. barackobama

    Question How do I install vncserver in nixos ?

    Please help, I've been trying this for weeks.
  7. barackobama

    Question is there any tool to create pipelines for linux scripts?

    I was watching this about Apache airflow Looks like a good tool to create easy pipelines for configuring scripts in servers and we can check log at any node. But the UI feels complex, need something simple
  8. barackobama

    Solved how to keep secure boot on and still dual boot?

    my Arch doesn't boot if i enable secure boot
  9. barackobama

    Solved How to make bluetooth smooth on Linux?

    All of the devices like windows/ android when my headphones/ Bluetooth keyboard go to sleep after being inactive for some time, they don't reconnect automatically. Even If I go manually in the bluetooth settings, It doesn't work sometimes I need to forget the device, and re-scan and reconnect...
  10. barackobama

    Question Is Adguard safe?

    The most popular and advanced ad blocker has "some" of its projects as opensource AdGuard's view on the Open Source, which includes adguard content blocker, adguard ios app, adguard browser extension. Where as adguard for android, adguard for windows only have a bug tracker page GitHub -...
  11. barackobama

    Question VPN + ssh tunnel can vpn track me?

    I am connected to a work vpn. If I connect to a ssh tunnel to my own server (ssh -N -D stuff) and use that as a proxy in firefox, can the vpn get my browsing history?
  12. barackobama

    Question Can Pinephone protect me from pegasus spyware?

    Copied from I really need an honest answer not maybe or just yes i need yes and how? or no and why?
  13. barackobama

    Question No GPU's detected when forwarding X11

    I managed to run chromium via x11 source: Solved - How do I launch firefox on remote server via ssh? But it feels laggy and console shows Crash Annotation GraphicsCriticalError: |[0][GFX1-]: No GPUs detected via PCI (t=1.63094) [GFX1-]: No GPUs detected via PCI
  14. barackobama

    Solved How do I launch firefox on remote server via ssh?

    I'm on a 2GB ram chromebook and I need to run firefox through a remote server, which has 16GB ram. I was reading this How do I launch a remote firefox window via SSH? and windows WSL also supports running WSL Linux GUI apps Run Linux GUI apps with WSL So I think it is possible without even...
  15. Abhiram Shibu

    Solved How do I run mpv from command line make gui show up without a file to play?

    Hi, I want some way to make mpv open and stay there so that I can drag and drop files. I know about --keep-open=yes but it is just to keeping it open after playback. Can anyone suggest an argument that may do this. Thanks in advance :)
  16. Abhiram Shibu

    Code not compiling on raspberry pi 4 but compiles fine on rasperry pi 3 B [Raspberry Pi]

    https://github.com/ABHIRAMSHIBU/rpimultiboot/ I have this code, currently I didn't polish it at all because its under development. But I am having an issue with compiling this. I have a sdcard with raspbean. If I put the sdcard into raspberry pi 3 and compile this, it works but if I put the...
  17. Rushi Chaudhari

    Is there a selfish net for ubuntu ?

    I had this beautiful software selfishnet on windows10 which limits wifi speed of users. for demo you can watch this How to do this in ubuntu ?.Or can some expert write a script for this ?.
  18. Abhiram Shibu


    KALI LINUX ALL DEPENDANCY LIST READY TO USE! This post is just made because i have wasted 60 minutes of my life copying and pasting apt-cache depends kali-linux-full to a text editor to install without some dependencies... Now no one have to waste time any more because i have done it for u...
  19. Abhiram Shibu


    DESTROYER KERNEL Destroyer kernel is a modified version of Linux Kernel. It mainly originated for serving power users and was modified towards performance. With the high demand for battery life, we made modifications in such a way that we can get both performance as well as...