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  1. pr0ph3t

    Display boot logo on Display port and not on HDMI

    I have a dual monitor setup, one being an old one which is a 19inch VGA monitor which I hooked up to my GPU's HDMI port via an adapter, and one monitor is a new 27 inch which is connected via Display Port. The thing is wherever I boot my pc, the ASUS ROG logo displays on the 19inch monitor which...
  2. W

    Is playing in 1080p on a 1440p monitor fine?

    Hey, I'm building a new PC soon with an r9 5900x + RTX 3080. Also looking to buy a new monitor. My question is, if I buy a 1440p monitor but then want to play a more competitive game where I would like more frames such as Valorant and switch to 1080p, will it look fine? Hear a lot of people...