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  1. Aali76

    5 Tips To Optimize Your RTX 3090 Gaming Experience

    You may have heard about RTX 3090 and if you haven’t then you must know that it is the most powerful graphics card in the world. RTX 3090 is the most powerful graphics card that can play games like Far Cry 5, Fallout 76, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more. You can use this card for playing games...
  2. XypniX

    Question Which DDR5 motherboard should I buy?

    Ok now that there are retail units of DDR5 RAMs available. Is there any motherboard and processor which supports DDR5 ram to its fullest? Which DDR5 motherboard should I buy?
  3. R

    Whats up with Intel Z690 Motherboard DDR4 and DDR5

    Which is better DDR4 or DDR5 motherboard, I heard there latency issue with DDR5 ???
  4. madkataw

    Solved Is it okay to skip few motherboard standoffs?

    Will I damage something if I skipped installing some motherboard standoffs?
  5. barackobama

    MSI B550M PRO-VDH or ASRock B550M Steel Legend or ASUS B450-F ROG Strix

    Which one of these mobos will be better for ryzen7 3700x. Considering future cpus support, overclock support, slots. WiFi not a must.
  6. K

    Thermaltake view 37 aRGB case - RGB not working :(

    Hi! Recently I have purchased thermaltake view 37 aRGB case with a sole purpose of mounting a PC that could truly be called 'Rainbow Dash'. I hired a professional to do the build for me and while everything went fine and we found the case to be very user friendly and great for custom PCs, we...
  7. R

    Can't run games smoothly despite having high FPS and a decent rig.

    First of all I would like to thank you for reading this thread! I have been struggling with a problem ever since I have built this new PC and I have no idea how to fix it even though I've tried lots of things. The problem is that in any game that I play despite having large amounts of FPS...
  8. dylanguy1089

    Need help finding a part for my Desktop PC (USB 3.0 Issue)

    I have recently come into trouble with my desktop PC, the USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and microphone slot on the top of my Cooler Master COSMOS SE case next to the power button have stopped working. I have identified the cable and disconnected it from my motherboard to not cause any further problems. I...
  9. Aromal

    What's so much about ASUS ROG Motherboards?

    I really love the way it looks but I feel they are over priced. What makes them so special?