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  1. pr0ph3t

    Would you consider buying a OnePlus device?

    Now that everything has changed with OnePlus, with the recent merge of OxygenOS with ColorOS, would you still buy a one plus phone? Let me know why
  2. Im_awsm

    Question Should I charge my phone with a default 10w charger or using a 30w charger?

    Now I am using Realme 7 so the charger came with it is a 30w and I have a 10w . So what charger can I use?
  3. barackobama

    Would this 65watt charger work for oneplus 7t ?

    The warp charger provided is of 30watt. So would this 65w one affect the battery life ?
  4. Aromal

    8GB RAM! Is OnePlus pushing the limits with OnePlus5?

    So yesterday OnePlus launched their next flagship the OnePlus 5 and it has a whopping 8GB or DDR4 RAM. That is insane, not so long ago they launched the OnePlus 3/3T, it has a 6GB RAM and even till now many brands did not catch up. So how did they came up with 8GB RAM so fast?
  5. Abhiram Shibu


    AICP (Android Ice Cold Project) To install ROM, 1) Download ROM from any link provided in the next post 2) Use TWRP to flash ROM 3) Flash gapps if needed- Links below 4) Enjoy Kernel GitHub - LineageOS/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8996 ROM AICP · GitHub Check next post
  6. Abhiram Shibu

    Dash charging while powered off

    I really have a question. We cant uses apps to check if phone is dash charging while powered off. But Will it dash charge while the device is powered off? Idk but % seems to be moving fast. @Prasoon Mehra
  7. Abhiram Shibu

    Battery draining overnight.

    I am using Lineage OS. Sometimes it dosnt drain battery much. But sometimes my phone drains 50% of battery overnight. I know lineage is a piece of crap today and lineage based roms are known for this.. But is there any other solution.
  8. Aromal

    OnePlus 3 camera quality reduced after update

    My OnePlus 3's camera quality was hugely reduced after first Minor update. Any solution?