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  1. Im_awsm

    Question Should I charge my phone with a default 10w charger or using a 30w charger?

    Now I am using Realme 7 so the charger came with it is a 30w and I have a 10w . So what charger can I use?
  2. pr0ph3t

    Redmi Note 9 Pro Max volume button bug

    Guys i bought a Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, it's having an issue with volume buttons! Like if i try to increase then it will decrease a step and increase back... And it i try to decrease then vice versa... But if I touch the and adjust the volume from UI then its ok! Any idea about this? Is this a...
  3. pr0ph3t

    FIX Redmi Note 9 Pro "The system has been destroyed"

    If you are like me and was doing some miscellaneous things using fast boot or recovery or whatever and screwed up your phone then here is the solution to fix "The system has been destroyed " error on your Redmi Note 9 Pro. I didn't try this on the Note 9 or Note 9 pro max so I don't know about...
  4. SayWHT

    Solved How to record 4K 60FPS video on Redmi Note 7 Pro?

    The OnePlus 7pro is capable of 4K at 60Fps and the Redmi Note 7 Pro also has the same 48MP sensor. So is it possible to record 4k videos at 60fps in Redmi Note 7 Pro?
  5. Gokul raj

    Is the Redmi K20 Pro camera good for content creation?

    I'm thinking to upgrade my phone but having a lower budget I'm considering to get the Redmi K20 Pro. So i need a good video camera to make some YouTube and Instagram videos. Please give your opinions.
  6. pr0ph3t

    Dual 4G Standby on Redmi Note 4

    Is it possible to have dual 4G standby on Redmi Note 4 by some tricks or custom ROMs?
  7. pr0ph3t

    Cheapest Android Phone with the best Camera?

    I've been trying out some smartphone cameras recently and noticed that many of them are more capable. The mobile cameras have been improved a lot these days. OIS and EIS are now available in phone cameras. The Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8, and the iPhone 7+ have a really amazing camera...
  8. nibaji

    [Kernel] [land] Gearbox [2nd Gear] [STABLE] [Nethunter] [Loadshifter] [Kcal]

    Features: CPU Governors +Interactive+(default) +Ondemand+ +Conservative+ +Performance+ +Powersave+ +Darkness+ +Intel+ +Lionfish+ +Blu-active+ +Impulse+ +Despair+ +ElementalX+ Other CPU features +CPU Boost+ Hotplug +AutoSMP+ Advanced TCP Controls +Bic+ +Cubic+ +DCTCP+ +Westwood+(default) +...