1. K

    Thermaltake view 37 aRGB case - RGB not working :(

    Hi! Recently I have purchased thermaltake view 37 aRGB case with a sole purpose of mounting a PC that could truly be called 'Rainbow Dash'. I hired a professional to do the build for me and while everything went fine and we found the case to be very user friendly and great for custom PCs, we...
  2. pr0ph3t

    Will ASUS ROG Maximus IX fit in Versa n26?

    I thought to cheap out the case after all Thermaltake is not bad. But will ROG Maximus IX perfectly fit in the Thermaltake Versa n26 case with GTX 1050 ?
  3. pr0ph3t

    Anyone tried the Versa N21 Gaming Case from Termaltake?

    I'm looking to build a budget productivity PC and saw this case but need reviews on it. Did anyone try it?