1. O

    Difference between Linux Mint Fedora and Ubuntu.

    Fedora and Mint differ from Ubuntu in that they are both community-based projects, while Ubuntu is developed by a company (Canonical). Ubuntu and Mint differ from Fedora in that they are Debian-based: their package manager is APT and their packages follow the DEB (Debian) package format. Fedora...
  2. srijay_deathwish

    Is it worth upgrading to Windows 11 right now?

    I'd like to know about the experiences of who have upgraded to Windows 11. Is it worth upgrading? What are the problems you have faced? Any software you personally use that isn't working. Share any experience or issues you had with Windows 11. Specially if you are into web development and video...
  3. barackobama

    Solved How do I launch firefox on remote server via ssh?

    I'm on a 2GB ram chromebook and I need to run firefox through a remote server, which has 16GB ram. I was reading this How do I launch a remote firefox window via SSH? and windows WSL also supports running WSL Linux GUI apps Run Linux GUI apps with WSL So I think it is possible without even...
  4. barackobama

    Question Is there any controller like PSmove of ps3 on pc?

    After reading some posts like , I think we can use PSeye tracking camera on pc. But the question is if there any tool written to get tracking coordinates using that PS eye tracking camera ? I need some controller like for PC
  5. Aina

    Solved backup with Macrium Reflect

    I did a search for backup tools and I found Macrium Reflect to back up to external Harddisk. I need to know if Macrium has the "resume" option? As my current Laptop has a lot of files/ folders which I think it will take longer to be copied, Also can it copy the files while it in use? I also...
  6. littlewit

    How to get windows 10 for free?

    How to download windows 10 for free and get a license?
  7. Jacksparow

    Bluestacks engine not staring

    Bluestacks could not start the engine on my laptop. my system has the minimum requirements for running bluestacks. I tried the common ways to fix this error but not working. I changed from opengl to directxmode and cpu virtualisation is on but still this error is there. When running bluestacks...
  8. Gokul raj

    Solved Windows 10 Task manager showing different RAM speed

    I'm using an Adata XPG 3000Mhz ram and the clock speed shown in the BIOS was 2666Mhz and windows task manager is showing only 1333Mhz. I tried CPUZ and it also showed the same speed from the task manager. I only a single stick of 8GB ram. Everything was perfect before when I assembled the PC...
  9. B

    PC unexpectedly freezes

    I have tried many things for my PC that to my view randomly freezes, it's not that the power load can't be handled as I replaced the power supply to check that. I ran multiple different disk checks in Windows, and some troubleshooting tools, I tried SFC and nothing popped up. I tried testing the...
  10. pr0ph3t

    HDD usage is always 100 percent

    My first PC is powered by a sandybridge i3-2100. I use it for casual internet browsing and web development but recently I'm experiencing so much lag and not responding messages. I can't troubleshoot the issue as i dont have any spare parts to swap on. Here is the PC specs: Intel i3-2100 Intel...
  11. littlewit

    api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing. How to fix this?

    When I'm trying to launch some softwares like Photoshop, WAMP, XAMP etc. An error message pops up saying "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing". How do i fix this issue? I'm using a newly installed Windows 8.1 PRO!