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8GB RAM! Is OnePlus pushing the limits with OnePlus5?


Jan 18, 2017
So yesterday OnePlus launched their next flagship the OnePlus 5 and it has a whopping 8GB or DDR4 RAM.
That is insane, not so long ago they launched the OnePlus 3/3T, it has a 6GB RAM and even till now many brands did not catch up.
So how did they came up with 8GB RAM so fast?



⚔️ MOD
Dec 30, 2016
Apps and games these days are getting heavy and they will need more RAM and CPU to powers to work flawlessly. And if you wanna multitask or keep more apps in the background you wil need more RAM. Still 6GB of RAM is plenty for most users, how ever if there is more RAM then you can the use the phone without lag for many more years.

I don't think that adding more RAM is so hard and we we haven't reached the limits yet. I think in future there will be fully modular smartphones where the user can swap in RAM and increase capacity like we do in our PCs.

However if you wanna how these manufacturers do this, then Abhiram Shibu Abhiram Shibu Prasoon Mehra Prasoon Mehra maybe able to give you a techy reply.:)
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