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Building new PC


Oct 23, 2018
Hi there. I need help as i am amateur in this. Im building new configuration from start. I want to go with amd.
Here is my plan
cpu: Ryzen 2200g / 2400g (after 1-2 years i plan to replace cpu for some next gen ryzen 5 probably, maybe even 7. Without integrated graphics)
gpu: None so far. I dont have money for it. After 1-2 years il get some good with discount...maybe 1080 or something like that.. About same time when i get new cpu.
Motherboard: I dont know which one to use honestly... Maybe b450 tomahawk, or b450 pro gaming carbon ac. Are those motherboards actualy overkill?
Ram: 16gb DDR4 ripjaws V 3200mh cl14. Ive read cl 14 is much better then cl 16. Is this actualy true? Is it worth 70euro (80 dollars) difference?
So, its this one F4-3200C16D-16GVKB 145euros/ 160 dollars
vs this one F4-3200C14D-16GVK

I want gaming PC.
I would highly apreaciate help.