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Calendar Appointment Recurrence

M99 Tech

Feb 10, 2021
I have created an appointment recurrence. Every Monday at 10 am is a product design meeting.

I would be grateful if anyone can help me with the following problems:

First I would like to change (edit) future events (instead of Monday at 10 am- lets say 11 am)
which is easy to do BUT I would like a way to keep the past times unchanged. So I can still search past appointments without them being overwritten.

Also, we have many team members who are involved in the meetings for months and then no longer involved and new members
who frequently arrive. Is there a way to automate it so that once a new employee is added or deleted they will be automatically
deleted or added to the appointment recurrence?

Perhaps there is a feature in Calendar that will do this or a 3rd party product that can resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance for any help.