[Closed] Zotac GTX750Ti 2GB Giveaway

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Hi everyone we are giving away a brand new GTX750Ti by Zotac to :heart:our community members.​

We love to give this graphics card to the most active community member. Participating in this giveaway is easy.

  • Reply to this thread, why do you want to win this GPU?:)
  • Engage in other threads.;)
  • Create new thread. (No spaming).:cool:
  • Share this thread with #arctotal .:heart_eyes:
  • Enter the giveaway by visiting the link below.:scream:
  • Complete all steps and increase your entires.:eyes:
Click here to enter the giveaway.

The most active forum member will be chosen as the winner. The winner will be announced here and will receive a message on his/her profile.

To be updated!...:expressionless:
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Im on an APU too, what's your apu? XD
mm i have a humble build,
F2A88XM-D3HP Gigabyte Motherboard
12 Gigabytes of DD3 2400 mhz ( i bought 16 gb but this motherboard will only support 12 max with that frequency, if i install all 16 i can only use 6 gb T_T)
an AMD A10-7850k APU
1 Toshiba mk2555gsx 250 gb HDD (for my os)
1 Wester Digital WD30EZRX 3tb HDD
1 Seagate ST500DL003 1.5 TB HDD
1 hp2009m HD monitor
and 2 HD laptop screens although because i lost my radeon i can only dual monitor on one of these.

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I dont have a proper graphics card. I use integrated AMD GPU. I play games most of the time but at very low settings. Please give that 750Ti to me:innocent:
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