CS 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6 Modern Skin Pack 2017 : CompactMOD-2K17

Arjun Chandran

Master Sergeant Rank 13
Hello Counter Strike 1.6 Fans,
Today I'm gonna share a pack of skins for your Counter Strike 1.6, :party: this pack consists of a map, Battlefield 3 weapon skins, some CS:GO weapons and player skins. These skins are not created by me, this is just a pack of skins that I use. Since some of my friends want them I thought to share it here.


Special credits to:
shotgun.PNG ss awp.PNG ss def pistol.PNG ss m4a1.PNG
ss player.jpg ss shotgun2.PNG


Download Skin Pack

Download the zip file and extract it.
Copy and replace the contents in "cstrike" folder of your Counter Strike 1.6 installation.

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