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Do people still like mobile gaming


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Dec 30, 2016
I not into mobile gaming because I can't get used to the controls, I do play mobile games occasionally but not shooter games. I have played clash of clans and recently Among Us and it was fun.


Jan 26, 2021
Do people still like mobile gaming. i dont play games on my phone really at all anymore. mostly cause I hate how scummy they feel with the microtrasactions.
It seems like mobile games are the butt of the gaming industry. Where do you think this perception comes from?

My best guesses are:
  • The frequent use of micro transactions and manipulative practices to squeeze money out of users
  • Unfamiliar or unreliable controls
  • Limited capacity for depth or complexity
  • Gaming culture's inability to accept change

Personally, I love mobile games. And there are really great ones out there that are all exceptions to the list above.
So why aren't those the story of mobile games? Why does it seem like mobile is synonymous with poor quality?

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Oct 20, 2021
I really play mobile games myself, there is a huge audience for them and they have their own world of what is and not acceptable.
However, being quarantined at the start of this year made me tired of staring at my phone and doing nothing. I was about to quit up when I remembered that there are a few money-making games out there that are both entertaining and profitable, kakaka.
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