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G Suite Email Migration to Office 365


Apr 18, 2022
Both the G Suite, now known as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 are top-notch cloud-based services that offer best-in-class safety functionalities. However, users look for a G Suite email migration to Office365 account for some reason. If you are looking for cloud-to-cloud migration, we suggest you focus on data safety during migration. Users can face issues while using the conventional manual methods to migrate the data, so looking at the third-party migration tool makes sense.

Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 migration tool is some software that offers several advanced features. Users can also preview the G Suite mailboxes after adding up the required mailboxes. In addition, this utility does not limit users to adding multiple mailboxes.

This software also provides an option to run the migration job instantly or at a different time using the migration scheduling option.

If user pauses the migration and it looks to resume after some time, the software only processes the newer items because of its incremental export facility.

However, users can download its free demo version to analyze the software's performance.



Jul 20, 2022
Google Workspace Backup Software is a tool designed to protect your data stored in Google Workspace applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and more. This software automates the process of backing up your data and ensures that you can easily restore it in case of accidental deletion, data loss, or a security breach. It also allows you to customize your backup settings and schedule backups according to your preferences. Moreover, you can also your emails to your Office 365 account directly without any hassle.