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How to fix “Outlook Not Responding” Error?


Aug 13, 2018
Solution plz....
Solutions for the Outlook errors .
1.Ensure internet connectivity
To avoid MS Outlook issues, make sure that your internet connection is proper. Also, check modems and network cables.

2.Delete suspicious mails from the mailbox
Any suspicious mail can prove to be hazardous as it may block receiving of error message in Outlook. This can be avoided by deleting those email messages from the ISP’s web-based email program or by contacting them directly.

3.Check antivirus program’s email scanning settings
If antivirus has the email scanning feature, then you may have to configure additional settings to make Outlook and the antivirus software work together. You may refer to the antivirus program provider’s website for more information.

4.Reinstall Outlook
Reinstalling Outlook can eradicate many Outlook errors.

5.Increase the server time-out setting
You can increase server-time out settings to avoid many Outlook errors. For this, follow the below given steps:

6.Start Outlook. Go to Files menu and click Info.
1.1 Click Account Settings, and select Account Settings.
1.2 Click and select the target POP3 account; click Change.
1.3 Click More Settings.
1.4 In the Advanced tab, increase the server time-out setting.

Note: The steps are given for Outlook 2010 and later versions. For other versions of Outlook, kindly visit Microsoft sites.

7.Verify all SMTP address in the distribution list
You should properly scrutinize all SMTP email addresses in the distribution list to make sure that they are correct. You can validate them by sending test messages.

8.Clean up the Outbox
If there are messages in the Outbox, you need to delete them (after switching to offline mode). Also, you can move these messages to Drafts folder to process them again.