How to improve software development process?

William Russell

Nov 18, 2021
Factors of effective software are such factors as: product operation software quality, product revision, product transition. Each of these factors affects the process and software development in its own way. If you want to improve the development process itself, then you should first set clear software goals and objectives, draw up a development plan, take into account all risks and others. Try to study this article, it describes everything that affects the process and cost of development


Sep 28, 2021
The five proven methods utilized by leading development firms to get the most out of the software development process are listed below.

1. Developing Iterations
2. Code Quality Management
3. Creation of workflow is a must
4. Work In Progress (WIP)
5. Tools to speed the process and enhance productivity
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Share your business software development experience. I am facing this for the first time, so I am interested in the question: what processes should I pay attention to? How to improve them?

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Here are just some of the insights:
  • visible progress
  • control of WIP
  • clean backlog
  • workflow