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Question Is Adguard safe?


Active Member
Jul 25, 2020
The most popular and advanced ad blocker has "some" of its projects as opensource
AdGuard's view on the Open Source, which includes adguard content blocker, adguard ios app, adguard browser extension.

Where as adguard for android, adguard for windows only have a bug tracker page
GitHub - AdguardTeam/AdguardForAndroid: Open bug tracker for Android version of AdGuard.

Their privacy policy looks clean Privacy Policy | AdGuard

For android, it even supports https filtering, and is asking to install its certificate, it creates a local vpn.
Installation | AdGuard Knowledgebase


P.S. I have tried using pi-hole, this is much better than pihole, it even blocks youtube and spotify ads.



Aug 19, 2021
Yeah for https filtering it need to install certificate for decrypt https and remove blocking part seems feasible as https is encrypted data,
as far as privacy concern adgaurd is now become so popular nd having large number of its users so I don't think if u using DNS other than ISP triggered you not to use third party DNS unless you use paid service, although there is chance of privacy using ISP DNS, they can logged user data too.