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Latest Call Of Duty Modern Warfare cannot be cracked

If anyone gets a working torrent of 2019 Modern Warfare cracked then please share In this thread and tag me :sweat:
I played it and it worked🙃
I think you should give it a try.

Here is the torrent file for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 CPY, Idk if it works or not. The above-mentioned download link has lots of ads so here is the torrent file to make your life easy.
EDIT: Download at your own risk. I just posted that torrent file here.
so what do i do if i dont have the password :))
It's impossible to hack it because the constantly changing server protects the game from such interference. And Battlenet DRM checks your files. So any hacker will be caught red-handed. But it's even for the best. Anyway, I'm tired of shooters. I've been playing Pubg for a year. When the game became free on Steam, I gave it up. Cheaters annoy me! So I switched to WoW. That's all I play now. And every time, I check the guides on this site to find new ways to develop my class. I like to play as a paladin, if you wanna ask.

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