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Need a solution to analyze in-shop behavior of a specific area


Jun 29, 2021
Hello! I work for a regional food company, and we're planning to apply a self-checkout system as POC in our new grocery store. If it works well, we will expand it to other branches to save labor costs..

We have adopted a smart system to prevent theft by security cameras. To save some cost, we want to use the same cameras to analyze the behavior of the customers; like how they use the self-checkout system, what's their reaction, if our employee helps the customer when they don't know how to use it, etc. So that we can evaluate if it's a must to adopt the system to all our stores.

The camera system is Hikvision, I heard they're the best seller. We've contacted the integrator who sold us the system, and they offered Briefcam solution to meet our requirements. However, the estimated cost is quite high. Wondering if there other options that are compatible with Hikvision cameras that can also make behavior analytics, such as dwelling time, gender detection from the camera on the top?

To speed up the project, all comments would be appreciated. Thanks.



Jun 29, 2021
The company I work for resells SkyREC www.skyrec.cc , it's basically video management software plus video analytics function, and it does the function you require. There is another product called BriefCam, same as SkyREC but much expensive for your reference. According to our retail clients, they're happy with the result what SkyREC offer them. So take a look.


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