Question about the hotel camera


Jun 23, 2021
I traveled to China for business, and I found a camera put at the counter to shoot directly to my face. I was quite surprised until I started some discussion with people, then I realized it's quite common in China to collect face data.

I'm from German, collecting face data in public areas is not common in my culture. So after I returned back to Europe, I paid attention to the hotels I visit whether is for a stay or dinner. No camera at the counters except the custom.

I'm curious about the situation of the rest of the world. Please let me know where are you from, and if the camera put at the counter in the hotel is common in your country. Thank you.



Jun 23, 2021
Yeah I see where you're coming from but honestly I think all countries collect your personal data. On the other hand, regarding CCTV, China does sell a lot of cheap CCTV and video system to international companies. Usually, companies, retailers or families who prefer cheap ones choose Dahua or Hivision. In the US, some Chinese brands are banned and I think most people are trying out other brands like Milestone, Skyrec, Vicotek instead.