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Solved Review iPhone 14: Design unchanged, performance improved, many useful features

Recently, the high-end smartphone market has become agitated again with Apple's launch of the iPhone 14 at the 'Far Out' event with many notable highlights and upgrades compared to the previous iPhone 13 generation. . So what's new with iPhone 14? How superior is iPhone 14 performance? Is the iPhone 14 camera good at taking pictures? How long does iPhone 14 battery last? Please come to the iPhone 14 review article to learn more about this product!

iPhone 14 has the same square design as before, but the camera cluster is thicker​

In terms of appearance, the iPhone 14 does not seem to have much change compared to the previous generation of iPhone 13 when the device owns a set of 'square, sharp edges' made from aluminum to help give Users feel comfortable and firm grip as well as a high-class, luxurious beauty for the device itself.

Besides, both the front and back of the iPhone 14 are covered with a layer of glass, but the front part will have an extra layer of protection using Ceramic Shield technology, which is so familiar from the iPhone 12 series to help protect the area. iPhone 14's display becomes more durable, better able to resist external influences such as scratches and cracks. In addition, the screen part of the iPhone 14 retains the 'rabbit ears' notch design, which is not new, but still does not affect your user experience much because the screen of the device still has a very spacious display ratio. with very thin edges.

Regarding the durability of the iPhone 14, the device has IP68 water resistance, which is a water resistance standard that allows electronic devices to 'survive' after being immersed in water at a depth of 6m for a period of time. is 30 minutes. This is also quite an impressive point of the iPhone 14 as well as the products of the iPhone 14 Series, but I personally recommend that users also avoid exposing the device to too much liquid so as not to encounter errors. unfortunate hardware.

However, in iPhone 14, there are still small differences compared to its predecessor, iPhone 13. Specifically, if you pay close attention to the camera section, you will realize that the iPhone 14's camera cluster has a smaller and thicker border because the device has been equipped with a larger sensor cluster before.

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