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What happened to Crysis game series? Crysis 4 Launch?


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Dec 30, 2016
I'm a big fan of the Crysis game series I started playing from Crysis 2 and played 3 as well. The the last game was released in 2013 which was the Crysis 3 then I thought after 2 years, EA and Crytek will bring an awesome new Crysis series but they didn't. The theme music in Crysis 2 was really epic the gameplay is smooth and interesting and the Crysis 3 has amazing graphics that fried many graphics cards at that time. Still, Crysis 3 is a game that is used to benchmark PC's performance and no potato PC can play it in 1080p or 4K.
I don't know if some EA or Crytek officials are gonna read this but there are millions of Crysis fans waiting for the next release and we all know one thing that is if you are gonna release a new game then it's gonna outperform other first person shooters till now.
I'm expecting a new Crysis game in the next 2 years and showing our love towards the game I'm sharing this image that you guys should share in social media which will eventually be noticed by some Crytek or EA officials.

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Costa Gold

Jan 2, 2017
Basically they finished off the story and want to work on something else. The AAA shooter market is extremely crowded and hard to compete in. If they stumble at all then they would be out ~100 million and be done as a company.They have mentioned a few times that they might be moving to a F2P model.