What is a softphone and how does it work?


Dec 3, 2021
Softphone is a type of software-based phone that is used to make phone calls over the Internet. Typically it functions like a traditional telephone set that has no display, keypad or mouse control, although softphones may also support these peripherals. They are usually designed to be utilised with VoIP services which accept calls from telephones and route them over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through the internet.

Softphones typically support a wide range of voice codecs, including G.711, GSM and iLBC, most softphones must be connected to a PC or laptop in order to function.

How does a softphone work?

Softphones behave like traditional telephone sets. In order to answer a call, pick up the receiver or press a button on your phone.

In order to dial a number, you type it into the softphone interface and press "dial". To hang up you just put down the receiver.

Of course, there is also an address book function and other common features like hold, transfer and conference calls.

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