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What's the best gaming headset to buy under Rs. 6000


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Dec 30, 2016
Im looking to buy an all purpose headset, i want the following things. Excellent mic quality (for work from home) , good noise cancellation, good for music (should be a bit bass heavy) and comfortable for long time use.

Please suggest a good pair



Oct 21, 2022
The goal’s a bit not realistic. The gamer headsets are not intended for listening to music that much. They are more about noise cancellation, good mic, and fast sound reproduction. But the options you got here would be fine for your listed purposes.
I recommend you take a better look at the models that are not too overhyped as HyperX. Much advertisement does not mean better quality. You might also make a comparison of different products on Productz and see which one is better. This service is great for reviewing gadget characteristics and choosing the best one.
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