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Solved Which gun is called a Gay Gun in CSGO [Guns People Hate in CSGO]

Most Hated Gun in Counter Strike Global Offensive [Poll 2020]

  • Negev (Machine Guns)

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  • AUG / SG 553 (Scoped Assault Rifles)

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  • MAG-7 / Nova / XM1014 (Shot Guns)

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Private Rank 2
Recently i have noticed that opponent team players are saying not to use a gay gun while in the match. Which gun is Counter-Strike Global Offensive is called a gay gun? And why do people hate it so much? I have seen some real aggression towards it!


Private Rank 2
CSGO is a very competitive skill based game and a lot of the fan base has dedicated hours and years to playing the game and getting better at it. When they are killed by and auto-sniper or a p90 they feel like they have been cheated in some way because they spent a lot of time learning recoil pattern etc and then someone killed them with a gun that they consider to be easy to use (as opposed to one that has a learning curve where you start off horrible with it but over time you master it).

At the end of the day the players are just salty and toxic. Use whatever guns you feel comfortable with and most importantly whatever guns you have fun using.

It's also good to note that with some practice the AWP is a lot more powerful than an auto-sniper and the AK is a lot more powerful than a P90 so the people you are killing actually have an advantage over you. So you're getting those kills fair and square mate.
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Arjun Chandran

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I don't like auto snipers because it's too easy to get kills and wall bangs with it. But I get annoyed of AWP because of skilled players only, the gun is ok!


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They are the bad players being hating your weapon. Normally those "gay guns" refer back to the hated guns of the CS:GO community (P90, Autosnipers, scoped rifles) which they think are over priced and don't require any skill to use it.


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I hate the auto snipers sometimes, they simply feel overpowered at time. But it feels really inaccurate during continues fire

Akhil Daz

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Well, I use the auto snipers. Mainly due to the fact I kept suffering for kills, I wasn't used to the insane amount of spread that auto guns had as compared to other games, nor became I used to the manner bolt movements work in this sport so I struggled for a while, so even P90 and scoped rifles didn't help. And in every game I play I use semi-auto snipers. What's incorrect with them? I wasn't in a position to absolutely even get a hit the usage of the AK but after using autos for a while I got many kills with the AK 47. Why do players hate auto snipers so much?


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Auto Snipers is CSGO is the gay guns, I hate them so much they are soo overpowered. Many people just camp and use it, it is so easy. But it is in the game so it is ok!


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