Windows 10 32bit vs 64bit: 32bit version is performing faster on the same machines!


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Dec 31, 2016
Hello everyone!

After the advent of the infamous Windows 10 (doesn't matter v1511 or v1607), IT problems and headaches have skyrocketed. Couple of times I heard Luke saying the annoyance of trying to benchmark machines with the instability of Windows 10.

I have to say that it can get much worse when you have Active Directory. Our machines after join the Active Directory are now unbearable to login and use. Even when using software like DisableWinTracking, Spybot Anti-beacon etc, Microsoft services some times take almost 100% of disk and/or memory usage, and arround 90% (!!) of CPU usage most at login time and randomly during the day. Logins are much worst than boot times ( sometimes taking more than 5 minutes to release the desktop even after it is show to the user in a good day).

You guys don't notice that much because (that's a guess) because Core i3 computer with 4Gb of ram and HDD (in the majority of the machines) are not that common outside Brazil (where I live). But, even with some Core i5 and i7 the situation is not good.

We are doing some testing disabling more Windows 10 annoying service and scheduled tasks, which helped (using Download Destroy Windows 10 Spying recommended by Barnacules Nerdgasm helped very much). Doing tests two things came to our attention:

  1. The same machines that we tested with Windows 10 32bit performed so much better than with Windows 10 64bit, Of course we loose some RAM but the performance is like downgrading to Windows 7;
  2. In the IT department, more specifically the support team, we installed Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE) and we are using Windows 10 on virtual machines (VM). Which is impressive since even using Windows 10 64bit inside a VM with less available RAM the performance is better.

How is your experience with this ... work of art of Microsoft?



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