Windows 7 Driver Help


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Dec 31, 2016
I recently wiped my hard drive (keeping important files) of my ancient xubuntu and decided to go for windows 7. I installed it, and everything worked, and the Graphics driver worked. However, when I tried to install audio drivers, the only one I could find for my laptop ( A novatech X10-TP ) was 32 bit. I know that it's processor ( An atom N450) Is 64 bit, but I tried anyway. When I booted I was greeted with a black screen. I uninstalled the driver in safe mode, re-started, and found my laptop back to normal, apart from the fact that the audio driver was still not installed. I tried everything on the micronoft website but found nothing that worked. I even tried re-installing vindows 7, but that didn't work. Anybody know where I can find a working 64bit audio driver?