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Question WPL Pro Plugin Store registered data to infusionsoft


Dec 29, 2017
I have property dealing website on which i am using 'WPL PRO' plugin to save userdata and process payment. I want to save registered user data of my website and process payment to 'infusionsoft' rather than 'WPL PRO'.Can anyone see this issue?



Jul 13, 2022
Great. Sorry, one question may be a bit off-topic, but could you give the name of your site? It's a matter of life and death. My wife will be back from England soon, I promised her to buy a property before she came back, but I couldn't find anything. I am sure that I will be able to quickly resolve all issues with the documents to transfer them to the bank. They will ask for a pay slip of my income to make sure I can pay back the loan. ThePayStubs will help me make this payroll in minutes. Please share a link to the site. Maybe there I will find an apartment that meets our requirements.


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