Question How can I fix the NuovoTeam app's channel management setting to enable PTT functions?

NuovoTeam is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) and all-in-one employee productivity suite that facilitates employee productivity tracking, communication and collaboration across your workforce with its distinctive features.

With NuovoTeam you can

1. Communicate with your team via the lightning-fast Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature
2. Set up a single platform for VOIP calls, chats, audio & video calls, file exchange etc,
3. Have a unified contact management system for manual or bulk contact uploads
4. Track employee productivity by monitoring location, tasks & real-time clock in/out
5. Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting with Insights like work hours, role-based access
Cool website tho

Solved How to make bluetooth smooth on Linux?

All of the devices like windows/ android when my headphones/ Bluetooth keyboard go to sleep after being inactive for some time, they don't reconnect automatically. Even If I go manually in the bluetooth settings, It doesn't work sometimes I need to forget the device, and re-scan and reconnect.
While on windows/ android/ mac it just reconnects as soon as I type some key on my keyboard.
In my laptop it works fine. So u might wanna install bluez and blueman.

Question How to fix an app on a single monitor?

I have two monitors, I need the top monitor to have minecraft/ poker running and use the bottom monitor for work. But as I click mouse on bottom monitor the game loses its focus.
I have a joystick for controlling in game.
U might wanna run 2 xorg ( dm ) in top and bottom monitors. One window manager has only option for one program in focus

Does Amazfit GTS 2 Mini have blood pressure monitor?

No, GTS 2 Mini doesn't have that feature. In fact, BP monitoring is available in very few and expensive smartwatches only. Like Samsung Galaxy watches and such, however, I doubt the accuracy of these. Imagine you visit your doctor to check your blood pressure, he will then use bigger medical equipment and will wrap and tighten it in your arms like he has revenge on you :D So how can a teeny tiny smartwatch which is not that tight in your wrist give not reliable but at least OKish data?