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20 Google Search Tips to Use Google More Efficiently.

Jessica Park

Feb 19, 2021
Want to use Google search more efficiently and get the search results you want quickly?

Here are 20 Google search tips and tricks to maximize your search efficiency:

1. Use the tabs.
2. Use quotes.
3. Use a hyphen to exclude words.
4. Use a colon to search specific sites.
5. Find a page that links to another page.
6. Use the asterisk wildcard.
7. Find sites that are similar to other sites.
8. Use Google search to do math.
9. Search for multiple words at once.
10. Search a range of numbers.
11. Keep it simple.
12. Gradually add search terms.
13. Use words that websites would use.
14. Use important words only.
15. Google search has shortcuts.
16. Spelling doesn’t necessarily matter.
17. Use descriptive words.
18. Find a specific file.
19. Money and unit conversions.
20. Track your packages.


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