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Acer Aspire 5 problems!


Aug 11, 2018

I got this Acer 515g-30KD and facing issues with this notebook. Please help

First of all the there is a speakers problem like whenever I try to play something on this lappy (eg, VLC) it stuck on black screen with no sound and no video at all, and on youtube as well it buffers but video never plays!!
no sound at all, I found a fixe by uninstalling the display adapters and restarting after that fixes the issue and this lappy got two display card things, like it got Geforce 940MX nvidia driver and intel graphics driver installed . I don't know what to do!!! Please help!

There is one more thing that I tried to change the windows of this lappy, I installed win 7 (I didn't know that win 7 no longer supports i3 7th gen) I changed something called UEFI Mode or Legacy and installed the windows however after installing touch pad didn't work and that happened in win 10 pro as well when I installed it after win 7, touch pad was not working at all (installed the drivers as well) but no luck so in the end I called a technician and he installed win 10 home again and this is a complete sh*t windows version! uses too much of ram.,

My question is how do I install windows 10 pro (I got image file) with everything working! what mode to choose in boot and and what to delete at the time of installing windows , like it shows so many drives like - recovery, something called system reserved, I deleted everything when installing and end up getting error or No boot device
help me anyone

Drivers using as of now :

Realtek HD audio driver
Intel HD graphics 620 version

Please help anyone

Thank you very much



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