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AT&T and Tethering

Gokul raj

Jan 18, 2017
Ok so i live in a place where there is no unlimited form of internet. DSL, Comcast, fios, none of that. So i have 26 gigs on Verizon for 169 dollars a month and this isn't going to work anymore because recently the game i play have been using more data then i would like them to. i am thinking about switching to at&t and using a tethering app on ios and one on an galaxy. Which tethering app is going to hide my traffic with a vpn so at&t doesn't catch me. Since this inst going to be a grandfathered unlimited plan I will have no worries about being kicked off if they catch me but im only going to be using about 75 gigs a month. Excuse every lowercase I because i dong feel like capitalizing them