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August 2013 was a rough month in Twins Territory


May 11, 2024
This Saturday night, my Father and I will certainly be amongst an almost-certainly sold out Royce Lewis Shorts Target Field crowd to witness Joe Mauer's Twins Hall of Fame induction. A just honor for among the best Minnesota Twins of all-time. But 10 years ago, both Mauer and pal Justin Morneauwho will likely be in the booth or down on the field Saturdaydealt with concussion-related injuries that ended the MM period of Doubles baseball. August of 2013 was a rough month in Twins into that eventful month, Joe Mauer was an elite-level 's 2004-2013 price statistics: On the early morning of August 19, 2013, he had a. 324 batting average and though Target Area removed some of the cheap LF wall-scraper home runs that the Metrodome had actually afforded him, his total batting profile continued to be greatly unchanged. 2013 All Star Joe MauerPhoto by Dental Braces HemmelgarnMinnesota TwinsGetty ImagesBut during that day's contest against the New York Mets, Mauer took an apparently innocuous nasty round off the catcher's mask which showed to be anything however. Identified with a trauma, Mauer would not play once again in that13 shed seasonand his profession, as a matter of fact, would certainly never ever be the a puzzlingly bad 2014 period, it emerged that the once-sideburned super star was still experiencing post-concussion symptoms such as lightheadedness and the march of time may clarify a few of that drop-off, going from "perpetuity super star" to "league-average player" certainly was in huge part due to mind , Mauer could haveand likely didconfide in Justin Morneau, who had actually recently fallen upon a similar the late 2000s, Mornie was just one of baseball's most prodigious sluggers. With an AL MVP Award and HR Derby Prize on his mantle, Morneau's finest was possibly still yet ahead after a tremendous10 beginning in the new Target Area digs. However after a knee to the noggin in Toronto concussed him, Morneau took an even larger dip than , I have actually located that a few of my Metrodome memories have started to fade https://www.twinsshorts.com. Not disappearedneverbut dulled from "specifics" to "experiences" that I have actually now had as several years complying with the group at Target Area as "the other place". But I make certain that when Mauer Morneau strike a handshakehug on Saturday evening, some SD highlights use the HD board, and homages are given, the excellent minutes will come rushing back to me. Because for as discouraging as months like August 2013 were for both gamers, their legaciesmuch like my Dome recollectionsfar outperform their specifics.