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Best budget case?

I'm using the Thermaltake Versa N26 case, its really awesome for the money.
It's a windowed case, the uts rigid. The material is hard and you will get a USB 3.0 port too. Plus there is a HDD rack and two other mouthing areas.
If you can get an NZXT case in some deals or offers then that will be best. They know how to make a good case and has most things that a case needs.
Corsair and Cooler Master are also a great option if you have more to spend.
Corsair Carbide Series
This is one of the newer affordable cases from the company, a mid-tower constructed with clear lines and toned with an RGB cooling fan on top, lighting the CORSAIR logo and point-to-point tempered glass view panel. The Corsair Carbide Series 175R is one of the company’s ecosystems of gaming gears. You can take test keyboards, mice, headsets, power affords, gaming chairs, cooling processes (fan, CPU cooling custom reducing), and storage from them.
Carbide Series 175R
I own this case and I can confirm 100% that it's totally worth the money and probably even more. I have everything at that cheap price. Tho I got fooled by the seller on amazon saying it's tempered and I go the one with acrylic.

But it looks clean, minimalist, and professional with the excellent build quality.


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