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Big memory problems while gaming, 30+ GB memory swap?


Active Member
Dec 31, 2016
I recently got scared when, in the middle of playing a not-so heavy game (I believe it was Final Fantasy XIV), Windows alerted me that my SSD was full. After checking, it had only 430 MB left, against normally 35 GB. Using WinDirStat I discovered a single, 35GB file called pagefile.sys, which apparently holds the swap memory for Windows 10. I removed this file manually to avoid further problems.

How did this file became so heavy? I have 16 damn gigs of RAM and I barely use more than 6 GB at full load. Did I create a problem by erasing this file? I tried to limit the swap to the recommanded limit (2937 MB from what Windows was saying), but it resulted in many game crashes at launch so I reverted it back to auto.

I did a checkdisk and a SSD quick health check, and I'm going to test the RAM on Memtest ASAP. Is it something wrong with my hardware or software?

My configuration:

Intel i5 4690K

16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3

Nvidia GTX 670

Crucial MX200 (500 GB)