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Black box error when i try to dual boot kali linux


Oct 3, 2018
So I wanted to dual boot Kali Linux, you know when you have two operating systems installed on your computer and you can choose which one to use, that is dual boot.
So yesterday I bought a USB, and I successfully created a bootable Kali Linux USB drive. I tested it first on my PC – it worked, the installation process etc.
But then I wanted to do it on my laptop…. and here is when the problem comes, my laptop is about three weeks old, so I doubt there should be any problem with it.

Well, the problem is that when I put the USB in, I start the laptop, I click F12, then I see the boot menu, and here I click on my Kali Linux USB… I hear two loud sounds and then I get to this page:

But! when I then click on install this happens:
Then the screen freezes so I had to hold down the power button to shut down the laptop. And yes, I have tried many types of USB, program etc… this USB worked for my PC so it should work for the laptop as well… anyways, I could not find any problem like this on the entire internet, very strange….
So if somebody could help me, I would be happy! :D



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