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black screen with white dash


Jun 30, 2018
so the problem with my HP laptop started with an electricity cut out where there was no battery and when the electricity was back the laptop didn't power on so it was a problem with something in the power after i got it fixed the laptop started acting weird where the "black screen with a blinking underscore" started to appear and per vented booting unless i press any button several times and when i got it to boot on start up it started to open multiple windows of whatever my default browser is and also opening many new tabs. somehow this problem vanished(except for the black screen with a blinking underscore) after desambeling the laptop for cleaning the fan.

- now the main problem is when i formatted the c drive which had the windows 7 to use only windows 10 on my d drive it become unbootable with black screen with endless blinking underscore, even when i tried to boot from a CD it sent me back to this black screen, what should i do?

A black screen with only a white cursor means the PC has lost track of the hard drive and no longer sees it. IF that does not do it, then it's likely to be a failing drive, and you can check that as follows: 1) Press Esc key repeatedly, several times a second, while rebooting the laptop.


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