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Can a forum run on shared hosting?


Jan 14, 2017
Does a forum need something stronger? Note, for the blog it would depend on how large it is and other factors. Probably the same is true for forums.

Most forums require only basic functions that a WordPress site would need. So forums can work on shared hosting but as your site gets popular you might need to upgrade to a vps hosting. Some forum softwares like Discorse will need a vps with Ruby on rails and docker.
A forum may need a stronger platform if it expects rapid growth, and high traffic, requires advanced customization and features, demands robust security measures, and needs efficient moderation and management tools. Factors such as scalability, performance, security, customization, and support should be considered when determining if a stronger platform is necessary.
Have a look at shared hosting plans from hostingsource.com and planethoster.com.
Their support is really good. When you ask them to look at your problem, they are really quick. The communicate is really good, because they keep you updated in every step.
Yes, a forum can run on shared hosting. Shared hosting is a common and affordable web hosting option that allows multiple websites to share the same server resources. While it has some limitations compared to more powerful hosting options like Litespeed hosting or virtual private servers (VPS), shared hosting can still support a forum depending on its size and traffic.

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