Solved Chromium VAAPI (Intel) (Prebuilt) [14092020]

Source Code :

Binary File :
CheckSUM MD5 : 35eb3698792cdd914c8f5431d375bb30


1) Download the binary file.

2) Use gui package manager or command "sudo pacman -U <pathToPackage>" to install the package.

3) Configure chromium to force enable hardware acceleration.

File ~/.config/chromium-flags.conf
4) Start or restart chromium.


1) I am not responsible if something happens to your hardware, personally I am using this same binary file and there was no issues with it.

2) I will try my best to update the binary file, chromium does take a lot of time to build so I thought it would be nice if people just get a compiled version.

3) I do not own the source code or has any copyright over it. All the credits goes to the original maintainer.

4) Not tested in manjaro but I will add my remarks here after testing.

Test Results
  • Arch Linux [PASSED] [14092020]
  • Manjaro Linux [PENDING]

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