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Abhiram Shibu

Jan 1, 2017
Project-Destroyer-OS (DOS)

Team Destroyer has started a project OS code named DOS. It is yet in development stage, we are trying to make it end user leading OS.

Our principles
1) You are the one who develops this ROM (Common suggestion will be taken into account)

2) We make 2 different builds for battery enthusiastic people and for performance enthusiasts.

3) We take all bugs into account, we don't want logs at first, if its a device specific issue, we may ask log.

ETA: 2 Months to release stable

Our devices -

1) YU Yureka
2) Oneplus 3/3t
3) Redmi Note 4

If you device is not in list or if you are a developer and wants to maintain for a particular device, contact me Abhiram Shibu Abhiram Shibu or Preet Patel PreetPatelcMDev or Neeraj55#5 Neeraj55#5 .

Your suggestion is what that leads us!

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